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Moonlight Zombies 3 is a charity event taking place at Cuerden Valley Country Park, Preston on 2 nights during 2015. Friday 30th October and Saturday 31st October.


Captured from the aftermath of the 2014 event, these secured zombie grounds are home to test subjects to see if a cure can be found to restore those who have been infected. The Cleanse Initiative is back and you've been selected to see if you can make your way through.


The base is at a country park located on the edge of the city of Preston. As the name may suggest, these zombies only come out at night.



Moonlight Zombies 3 is a charity event in aid of Cuerden Valley Country Park


the zombies are back

Moonlight Zombies will return for a 3rd year to Cuerden Valley in 2015

Before booking tickets

You should read through our following conditions of entry


This event is similar to the 2013 and 2014 events and will include steep hills which venture down into and out of the valley.


  • This event is recommended for those aged 12 and over. However, those aged 15 or under require adult accompaniment. The accompanying adult must have a separate, valid ticket for the same time slot.
  • 1 adult to every 5 12-15 year olds (this is due to the way groups are split).
  • Proof of age may be required at the entrance. If you do not have proof of age when asked we will not allow you into the event (and no refund will be offered).
  • If there is any suspicion that alcohol or drugs have been consumed, you will not be allowed into the event. This is in the opinion of our stewarding team and is final.
  • Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable due to the very limited number of tickets available.
  • All tickets must be purchased online through this website.
  • You will be placed into small groups of up to 6-10 on the evening. Groups must stay together.
  • This event takes place in natural wood and parkland. There are risks of which you accept could cause injury by making this booking and attending.
  • Participants will be subject to smoke effects, loud noises, and strobe lighting.
  • Further rules may be explained to you on the evening of the performance.
  • This event involves walking around parts of a park in very dark areas.
  • Where possible, guests should try to arrive in 1 vehicle to assist with limited parking.
  • No eating, drinking or smoking can take place during the attraction (this includes in outdoor areas).
  • Live actors may touch you, but will not harm you. They may move towards you quickly.
  • At no point are you to run.
  • At no point are you to try to touch any props, equipment or actors. If you do so, you will be removed from the event immediately.
  • We take no responsibility for injuries or damages to clothing during your participation in the event.
  • At no point is photography or videoing permitted.
  • In the event of a cancellation due to extreme weather, any unused tickets may be subject to a refund at the discretion of the organisers.
  • No refund will be given for travel expenses should the event be cancelled at late notice.
  • The event will still run in the rain or bad weather.
  • These conditions may change at any time, even after ticket purchase.

If you are unsure whether this event will be suitable for you or your friends - please contact us before booking.


This event is not advised for:

  • those who are pregnant.
  • those sensitive to smoke effects.
  • those of a nervous disposition.
  • those with heart, back or neck problems.
  • those who are unable to walk unaided a distance of around 2 miles.
  • those sensitive to strobe lighting.
  • those sensitive to latex masks or make up.
  • Guests are advised to dress for cold and wet weather with sensible outdoor footwear.




Moonlight Zombies has limited parking and therefore we ask you only arrive a few minutes before your start time. Please plan your journey carefully to ensure you do not arrive early/late.

We cannot guarantee you'll be given a place if you are late for your start time, however our best efforts will be made to accommodate you.

The entire experience should take around 45 minutes but depends on how fast you walk.




At least one of your group (although all is recommended) to bring a torch with you. Please do not rely on your phone torch as this will drain your battery fast.


prices and dates

This year there are 2 dates available for Moonlight Zombies 3.



Tickets are £11 per person + a small booking fee (£1)

Why the booking fee? PayPal and our ticket processor charge us a % for using their service



Date 1: Friday 30th October 2015 - 7pm to 11pm

Date 2: Saturday 31st October 2015 -  6.30pm to 11pm

Please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.


The ticket purchaser is agreeing that they have informed all of their party about these rules and understands that if any of their party breaks the rules the whole group may be removed from the event without refund. You are agreeing to the terms stated on this page.

We use PayPal and TicketTailor as our ticket provider. Tickets are provided as e-tickets and must be printed at home or shown on your phone on arrival. Do not rely on having an internet signal on your phone on arrival as due to the location of the even the signal will be weak.


The full address for the site is The Barn, Berkeley Drive, Bamber Bridge, Preston PR5 6BY.




This year, Moonlight Zombies 3 takes place at Cuerden Valley Country Park which is located between Preston and Chorley.



Cuerden Valley Country Park has fantastic road links, being just 2 minutes off the M6 J29 & M65 J1 making access from Preston, Blackburn, Bolton, Wigan, Leyland and Chorley (as well as other surrounding areas) incredibly easy. Please use SAT NAV code - PR5 6BY.



Cuerden Valley has 5 car parks which you will not be able to access the scare event from. When following road signs towards the event, please follow signs for Cuerden Valley Park Visitor Centre or you may park at the wrong car park.


This includes from local bus transport stops. This is due to the darkness of the local roads. Please note: You cannot access the event through the park and must park at the entrance via Berkeley Drive.

be a zombie

We need people prepared to pass over in order to become a Zombie...


Fancy becoming a Zombie for the evening? Then make it a reality and scare our wannabe survivors.


Please fill in this online application form.


As this is a charity event, all of our positions are voluntary. Below we've listed a few conditions which you must be able to meet for your own safety, and the safety of those trying to escape from you.


All those wishing to be a zombie or help with the event must attend a training session which will take place 1 week before the event.


We do have a few roles which require learning lines and help our story come to life - if you'd like to be considered for one of these roles please let us know.


Don't fancy being a zombie but would like to help?


We're also looking for:

  • First Aiders
  • Entertainer/Actor
  • Welcome Hosts
  • Car Parking Team
  • Make Up Artists
  • Costume Designers



Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Please take a look before contacting us for a faster answer


What happens during 'Moonlight Zombies 3'?


Moonlight Zombies 3 is a walk through experience set in a country park similar to a ghost walk. A large area of the park is used for the experience. When you enter you will be screened and the objective  explained to you. There will be several different types of zombie lining the routes who may make you feel unwelcome. The experience will last around 45 minutes (depending on how fast you walk), and group sizes can range from 6 to 10.


Once you have started the experience you must complete the entire journey. There are no mid-way exits and it will not be possible to walk the route without our zombies trying to scare you. Please take this into consideration when bringing younger guests.


You will travel around a large part of the park where the only light will be from your own torch. Torches are not provided.


How will my tickets be delivered?

Tickets are delivered directly to your email inbox. Please make sure you fill in your e-mail address carefully, and check you junk folder shortly after your booking if it has not arrived.


Do you allow refunds/date transfers for unused tickets?

All tickets sold are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


Do you allow refunds for poor weather?

The event will only be cancelled in extreme circumstances. The event will run in poor weather. We always advise you dress for cold, outdoor and wet conditions.


What happens if I miss my time slot?

If a time slot is missed, we will do our best to accommodate you however we offer no guarantee that you will be allowed entry. Your time slot runs for 15 minutes from your start time (eg. 6.15 to 6.30).


Why do you need to book online?

Confirming your place ahead of the date that you are visiting means that you will receive an e-ticket. E-tickets speed up the admission process to the event. Also, we need control over the car parking facilities at the event, and therefore we operate a strict timed-entry system to allow for the best possible experience.


Can I buy my ticket at the entrance gate on the night?

No. All of our tickets are sold in advance to control how many people are in the event at any one time. This allows for the best possible experience.


Can I buy tickets at the park for future dates?

No. Further information is available at The Barn Visitor Centre, however at present you are unable to purchase tickets here.


I don't have a PayPal account, how do I book tickets online?

PayPal processes all of our online payments. It's always preferred for you to have a PayPal account - however you do not need one to pay with a credit or debit card. PayPal can process payments safely, just like any other website. When you are booking tickets and get directed to the PayPal payment page, please click 'I do not have a PayPal account' or 'Pay with Credit or Debit Card'.


How old do you need to be to take part?

This event is recommended for those aged 12 and over. However, those 15 or under require adult accompaniment. The accompanying adult must have a separate, valid ticket.

1 adult to every 5 12-15 year olds (this is due to the way groups are split).


How scary is it?

This is a common question which we are unable to answer. The event is located in a real park in the hours of darkness. This alone, without live actors, would be enough for some people to find very scary.


What are the restrictions?

The restrictions are listed above in 'Before Booking Tickets'.


Do you close the attractions in poor weather?

Our event runs in most weather conditions.


Do you sell food and drink at TerrorFest?

This year, for the first time we are looking to have tea and coffee available for purchase however we cannot guarantee this. This will not include any alcohol.


What is the charity that this event is supporting?

The event is in support of the park itself, an independent charity which receives no government funding.


contact us

Having issues with our form? Email us at zombie@moonlightzombies.co.uk


Fill in our form if you wish to make contact. Looking for questions which are asked frequently?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions. They might save you and our zombies some time.

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The event is for charity with any proceeds going to Cuerden Valley Park Trust (a registered charity with details below).


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Telephone 01772 324436 - Cuerden Valley Park Trust is a registered Charity (number 1002888)

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